At first sight you may think that Kuoni Creative is just another quaint Art Gallery in the Adelaide Hills, but to fully understand the role of Kuoni Creative, you first need to understand the woman and visionary, Corina Kuoni.

Over 30 years ago Corina dreamed of being part of a creative community, where people from different creative disciplines could share a space making things together from craft to engineering.

From a child she was passionate about drawing, designing and making things, enjoying the freedom of expression, taking risks and having fun.

Although discouraged from pursuing a career in creative art, Corina became a structural engineers’ draftsperson. Whilst working with architects, she challenged them about alternative designs, thinking outside the box, being innovative and creating more sustainable buildings. The constraints of her conservative and structured environment finally led to her leaving the Industry to follow a more creative path.

Corina’s dream of running a creative space has finally come to fruition. Kuoni Creative is a hub where the community is MAKING THINGS. TOGETHER. Whether you want to run a creative workshop or just join in with those on offer, the opportunities are HERE. If you are a local business looking for a vibrant creative space to hot desk or hold team building meetings, we have an environment to suit your needs.

At the heart of this enterprise is an honest desire to create an interactive, community spirited environment, providing designers and artists a platform to showcase their work and offer the community a space, from which they can offer their professional services to the public.
Corina’s idea of offering a space for everybody in the community to enjoy, has become a reality.

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